You finally have your beautiful wedding film! You want to experience the film on a regular TV with a decent sound system, on your comfy couch snuggled in with your love and maybe a nice drink, but how exactly can this be done without spending a bunch of time and energy, figuring out the tech part?

If you have an Apple TV, you’re in luck - they make it super simple. Just swipe up on your home screen from your phone and screen share / air play or whatever it’s called , and it’s on your TV, via your Apple TV! There is talk about new smart TV’s coming with Apple’s airplay built in, which would be awesome! Samsung TVs sometimes come with a similar technology for Android users.

Below are links to vimeo and youtube’s directions for watching on your TV. Keep in mind, technology moves so fast, the directions may change by the time you’re reading this.

Youtube TV pairing:

Vimeo TV Apps:

You can order DVD’s or blu rays from if you’ve hired us to film your special day. Or download your videos from your Frank Slow Films video gallery and save to a USB drive to watch on your Smart TV, or burn your own DVDs if you’re tech savvy. We highly recommend downloading all your videos and archiving them in a safe place AND a cloud based system such as google drive, icloud, dropbox, etc.

We hope you get to enjoy your wedding film on the big screen TV with loved ones for years to come.