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*asking around for nut or food allergies are important to check ahead of time.  Epipens are 'spensive!


All that hydration has to go somewhere.  Have a pee plan.  A pee buddy if you have a big poofy dress or long train.  If there are long car , trolly, bus, limo drives, etc - factor in some extra time for everyone to pee if need be - especially if they're drinking.

Managing food can take up precious time,waste precious food.  If you are serving food or meals for breakfast or lunch.  Have a plan on how to store the food, save for later, or who is going to clean up the mess.  Less is usually more with getting ready.  


Booze and kids.  Kids are curious.  Jello shots are very colorful and sometimes tasty.  Drunk people are basically large children.  Use caution not to over serve or have too much of a good thing on hand.  Try to limit or avoid alcohol if possible on the night before and morning of your wedding.  

BRIDAL BUDDY AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK Have a plan for when nature calls and you're in your dress.  If you have some money to burn, consider having a second , more bathroom stall friendly dress for the reception if you are really worried about having to pee or mobility on the dance floor.





If you take away one thing, it is this - feed your photo and video vendors a good hot meal, many vendors have it in their contract to have a hot meal because the "vendor" meals are just so bad and often stale for some reason; and most of all, a waste of money on your part.  

Food is a big part of a wedding.  People argue about food, they obsess over it.  Diet restrictions, picky eaters, over eaters.  "Aunt Sally doesn't like vegetables!" "Uncle Jim only eats red meat and has high cholesterol!" "Grandpa Bob will need two meals because he likes to eat, so let's just do a buffet!" Food waste and taste is a big factor when putting a menu together.  You don't want to spend money on something that nobody will enjoy. So read on!

On the flip side, when things go well; people applaud the efforts of a good meal and obsess over just how good the food was!  Planning food for the day doesn't have to drive you mad!

PICKEY EATERS: This can be a tough one.  If anyone has diet restrictions or is a picky eater.  Create a list; and one by one - simply ASK them - "Hey Uncle Jim, what would you like to eat at our wedding?" Chances are they won't be as picky if you ask ahead of time, but will appreciate the thought and hopefully help you out when selecting your menu.  People's dietary choices and beliefs are important.  If it is not important to you to take this extra step, consider not inviting that person to the wedding.  If you've already invited them, bite the bullet and find out what they like.  You are paying for their meal.  A common scenario is a vegetarian guest who can't eat the salads because they have meat, for their entree, they receive cold overpriced noodles or some mystery concoction that the kitchen slapped together the day of.  Again , you are probably paying good money for this food- why would you want to spend $50+ on a meal that your guest probably won't eat or won't enjoy?  Some people with dietary restrictions are used to eating before events because the food options for them are either unpleasant, untrustworthy, or both!  You may not even have to feed some of these people!  What an easier solution!

We don't film people eating food.  It's unflattering in almost every scenario, no matter how good the food is.  Usually you can't tell just how good the food is on screen or in photos, but it's nice to feature somehow.  Usually the cake, cupcakes, or desert table is the "eye candy" that we are filming.  We love seeing (and tasting!) fun and unique desert options like "donut trees"



So to recap:


-feed your vendors, they will thank you

-try to have some down time for your vendors to enjoy and more importantly FINISH their meals - often we are served last and have to stuff our faces to get ready for toasts or first dances -  


usually someone will recommend to you, "hey just have the toasts and speeches as salads are served or when the last plate of dinner is served."  this is terrible for us - first off, we can't eat, the wait staff takes our meal away after taking one bite - your toasts will have a bunch of distracting people who are stuffing their faces, clinging forks , when the attention should be on the person speaking and the couple's reactions.  I will post soon ish about timeline and scheduling toasts, a very important part to a good wedding film -

to recap - schedule for reception should flow something like this -- cocktail hour, intros, cake first dances- dinner is served - peoples bellies are full and they haven't gotten plastered just yet -then toasts should start- toasts should start either before or after dinner, but not during dinner.  who wants photos or video of people chewing ? waiting too long for toasts or having toasts on and off throughout the night is a nightmare for everyone, people get drunker and drunker and ramble and say stupid things and the video crew desperately scrambles to get lighting and tripods back to where they need to ---toasts are important for your film