As fate would have it - I have met some truly amazing and inspiring people in Rockford IL who have helped me tremendously and in very small but also important ways as well. From countless wonderful couples who've entrusted their wedding films to me, to local businesses who need video production.

  These past few years I have met some of the hardest working individuals who put themselves in harms way for our protection.  Fire and Police departments of Rockford , IL.  I have made several videos and TV commercials for the departments and even some cool work for fire department coffee, which I am proud of everything.  Here are some behind the scenes works and some finished products.


PS.  Literally playing with fire was one of the coolest shoots I've done yet.  Props to Luke Schneider of Fire Dept Coffee for letting us trash his backyard!  Extra props to the New York Band Mother for letting us use their new and awesome track "Medicine" for our product shoot and local Rockford IL native, Daniel McMahon of The Midwest Sound recording studio for use of his music in the Instagram teaser below.  


Also a special thank you to Frankie Fabre, Aaron Powers , Igor Kasyanyuk,  Tom Doherty, Jordan Sjostrom, and Gary Knauer for helping out and all their hard work, especially Frankie, almost getting burned a bit playing with fire!  Respect the Fire!

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