There's many talented film makers out there, so how do you choose?  The only time you hire a crew of people to film you and your spouse for a whole day is your wedding, so you want to be informed and comfortable with the people who you will be hiring.  When shopping around for a wedding film maker, you’ll want to know how many hours are spent editing your film.  Are you in search of a artistic story teller or someone to journalistically and candidly document events as they unfold? What exactly is the difference? 


We offer basic videography and beautiful cinematography.  The difference between the two is documenting vs storytelling.  One is a bare minimum approach while the other is "spared no expense".


When you see a movie, the film makers pull you in to the story by showing the drama or comedy of the scene. We see our hero’s emotion from several focal lengths and sweeping camera motions that help drive the story line and embellish the ambience of the setting of time and place, thus pulling us into the story.  On the other hand, when you turn on the news you can see an event unfold as a document of what is happening or has happened. The facts are presented in an easy to understand manner, the reporter is being documented on the scene by their camera person.  Image if that camera person starting doing all sorts of crazy camera movements, showing extreme close ups of the newscaster;  it would entirely change the dynamic of what you were watching.  Now imagine seeing a movie where the camera was still and motionless, like a security camera.  You may want your wedding simply documented and be happy with videography.  Just understand that it may look like something that aired on the news.  We try to take our basic videography a step further with some interesting camera work here and there, just to spice it up a little, with minimal equipment and editing time, just like a news crew.


If you haven’t figured out by now, we are crazy passionate about telling a great story through video.  We refer to them as films.  If you’re still not sold on the idea of an artsy fartsy wedding film, we do provide basic videography services with less equipment and cost.  We spend less time editing the straight forward wedding videos.  Editing consists of pulling all the footage into a timeline and delivering videos of each part of the day.  We can spend up to 20 hours compiling and putting this footage together.  However, a wedding film is carefully curated, edited,  and set to a custom soundtrack.  This process takes us about 40 hours over the course of several weeks.  We also try to include as much dialogue from your day as possible.  We want you to hear your loved ones voices crisp and clearly.  Oftentimes there is substantial background noise, so our best shot at getting quality sound bites are during the prep at the start of the day.


Sometimes wedding cinematography isn’t in the budget, but any professional video is better than no video at all.  I sincerely hope this helps you find the right fit for you, even if it isn’t with us.  So when comparing vendors , ask them how exactly they edit the footage and if their shooting style is more like a movie or like the 10 o’clock news and then decide who is the best fit for you. Peace be the journey, cool runnings!