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Fall is in the air and I am filming the wedding day of a truly amazing couple.  I appreciate being part of the big day.   You two are pretty much amazing and don’t forget to check in with me from time to time to tell me how awesome the married life has been.

So it’s been about 4 months since the last time I picked up my camera for a wedding an d boy did it feel fantastic to get out and rock once again. The feeling of being part of someones special day is something you just have to experience to understand fully. The emotion, the tension and the feeling of love run throughout the day and keep you going from start to finish.

The day started as easy as can be with us just chasing everyone around capturing as much as we could while everyone as getting ready. The fun part happens about 30 minutes before the ceremony when final touches are commencing and everyone is hurrying to keep on schedule. Afterwards there is fun calming feeling that the big part is over and now you have the time to enjoy with the bridal party capturing the awesome portraits they hire us photographers to do. I hand an endless amount of amazing light and with such a great team of people it was so easy to get all the fun shots I love getting.

As the day winds down we are tired but you can’t stop because the reception has so many key moments you have to keep track of. From the dances to cake cuttings and even the ceremonial tossing of large heavy flowers are always on the list of things to capture. After an exhausting day and tons of amazing images captured you feel like you could accomplish anything if only you had the energy to do so.

Thank you again Keri and Cody for letting me be part of your day and taking us in like friends. I can’t wait to see you two years down the line so whenever you’re in need of me just let me know. Now let’s go look at some teasers from the day.

Shout out to Luis Hermosillo for being the best second shooter of the day! Hugs buddy!

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