WEDDING COVERAGE questionnaire

Here we will plan your wedding video coverage.  Please fill out this form to the best of your abilities.  If you have any questions on a topic, please list them at the end of your answer. Thank you and we look forward to working with you on your big day!

Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Name *
Partner's Name *
Partner's Name
What is the overall theme and feel for the day? Laid back? Modern Chic or Country? Add any details about the style and feel of the day here.
Please list all locations and addresses to be filmed.
Please list your photographer here if we need to get in touch with them
Who is your DJ, band , or other host / entertainer(s)?
Would you like to schedule a time to dedicate a few video specific poses?
Lighting is everything for video / film. We suggest having locations where a large window / sunlight source is available, natural lighting beats artificial lighting every time. Are there any parts of the day where lighting may be more dim than usual ? (ceremony and reception are usually dim, we bring lights for the reception , but for the ceremony per church rules - only at your special request)
Please list a basic outline; for each part of the day, and when and where you would like your videographer to be. Please list addresses for each location. Please allow extra travel time between locations for set up and parking. We ask for one hour prep time before ceremony and reception.
Please list any pre- ceremony events and details here in time order. Add any special requests or additional information here.
Please list any ceremony events in time order. Feel free to add any special requests here.
Are there any restrictions on where your videographer(s) may stand during the ceremony? Who is in charge of audio for the ceremony? Any special instructions for coverage?
Please list the scheduled events, in time order for your reception.
Who is in charge of the order of events? Who is in charge of audio? Who are you expecting to give toasts/ speeches? Are there any special requests for the reception?
Please list table number or any special instructions on when and where for reception meal.
This can include any special load in instructions for equipment at reception, hotel numbers, vendor parking pricing, etc.
Do you have your vows handy? If not you can each email us at a later date - we want to record the vows ahead of time during the getting ready part of the day. If you have a poem, joke, message or other reading you would like featured as a voice over in your film, please provide it below.
Is there anything you would like to have display during the beginning or end of the video? Perhaps a message to viewers or an inspirational quote. You can also read the message so the viewers can hear your voice.
Is there any performances or special events to cover? Such as a surprise musical or dance performance?
If you can't think of anything right now, just list some of your favorite music here. Bonus points if you can list music that you both enjoy!
Anything else we should know? Thank you so very much for your time and cooperation. We look forward to filming your big day for you!